Candyman (2021) - Quick MO

Sep. 19th, 2021

There's a line from the film that sums up this movie perfectly, so I'll quote it:

Brianna: "Well." *sigh* "It's a pretty literal approach. Not much room for viewer interpretation, you know, moving from the symbolism of violence to the actual depiction of it."

I'm not sure whether it was put in there to be meta or if they were just critiquing their own film, but the follow-up to that line sounds exactly like how I'd picture them defending it:

Anthony: "Okay, but h-how is it hitting you?"
Brianna: "It's... painful."
Anthony: "I feel really connected to this, I've never been this clear before. It's like I know exactly what I'm meant to be doing, right now."

They're very heavy-handed with their message, which if you want to throw in your message with some undertone, by all means, do it. But I usually tend to watch fictional media, especially horror, to escape the reality I live in, not be reminded of the shitty one I live in. The backstory on Candyman also kind of takes away the mystique of him, there's no need to humanize him, his anonymity adds to the horror. Not to mention, the not-so-subtle scene in the girl's bathroom with the teenagers. All of this just breaks the illusion of the movie for me, because I know there is no Candyman in real life. Trust me, I've been a kid before, I've tried summoning just about anything you could summon, especially Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Brianna: "Candyman isn't real."
Anthony: "I saw him!"
Brianna: "Candyman. Isn't. Real! Anthony!"

Most of the kills were done off-screen or very quick on-screen via CGI, very disappointing. Show us what we want to see, show us the method to your madness! Character development for the most part is non-existent, and when they'd try to develop a character, they'd just throw it at you, like Brianna having a flashback of her dad. "Hey guys, this character had a traumatic past, see this short clip?" I could also tell they just used CGI for the hook in several scenes. I'm not sure why that effect wasn't just practical for the most part. CGI is nice, but it's not the best crutch to lean on. And why the hell did he never get that hand checked out, just picking at it like a madman? It shows a few times Anthony's eyes glossing over like he's in a trance, so was it part of the trance to not go to a doctor? Because that's the only excuse I could come up with, and I'm reaching with that one. He doesn't even bother until his hand looks to be a lost cause.

Pretty poor timing on release when your script references Postmates. Noone's fault here, it's not like they'd know that when they wrote it, just bad luck that I can't help but point out.

I'm disappointed a little, but I in no way thought it'd succeed the original, and it doesn't. But I guess my expectations when I watched this was just right because I'd at least admit that it's a decent sequel, and it's absolutely beautiful to look at. The cast also does stellar performances. You can tell they very much cared about this film. Candyman (2021) will obviously find its audience, and I'm sure it'll make an impact on several people. It's in no way a terrible film or even a terrible horror, it just could have been approached differently in my opinion.

My Media Opinion (MO) for this film is 06/10.

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