I'm Ric. I've gone by Ricky and Ricky Horror since the 90s.

Yes, it's a Rocky Horror reference.

I'm a fan of films and series, especially the horror genre, and I enjoy discussing them.

I'm not sure why I have to clarify this, but everything I post on here is just my opinion, especially seeing as I've named my posts MOs (Media Opinions). It's completely fine that our opinions do not match, if everyone had the same view on media, we'd live in a very boring world. It's okay that you liked a film or series I didn't like, and vice versa. Let's just get along and discuss things we love.

I make and run this site off nothing more than a $150 Chromebook. Nothing on this site is automated, every page is made and added manually, and I enjoy it. If you find any bugs or errors on the site, please reach out to me.